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Welcome To The Electrogeneration Home Page

Electrogeneration is a party/events organisation based in Belgium. The music we play goes from New Wave to different styles old & new style electro, for example: Electroclash, Futurepop, EBM, Synthpop, Industrial, New Beat, Dark Electro. Sometimes we also play a little bit of gothic with electronic overtones. On this website you will find all news & information about us & our parties. Keep checking these pages, I be updating for every event we organise, also posting party pictures in the next months. Questions & comments can be send to 


 .As I only speak/write Dutch (Nederlands) & English, I can only answer in these 2 languages.Dark Greetings ;)Dj Cybergoth (webmaster) Dark Greetings ;)Dj Cybergoth (webmaster) 


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Listing Site Updates

Electrogeneration Reunion Party @ Eurorock friday the 15th of May 2015!!! With special Guest DJ Andypendent Electronic Porn Party MuK Gießen!!!

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Sunday 25 February     Published flyer online for  the Dark Tribute To The 80's on Friday 11 May 2007 @ Tequila Gent





To hear a interview i had with Dirk Davo from Neon Electronics/The Neon Judgement , follow this link  http://electrogeneration.4t.com/interview.mp3 

the interview is in dutch language






Electrogeneration Short News & Upcoming parties

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We like to thank especialy 3 Cold Men & also everyone who visited the "3 Cold Men"concert.We hope you enjoyed the concert + after-party.

Find music & info about 3 Cold Men here :
 3 Cold Men (Myspace .com homepage)
Homepage 'tKot ( Jh Antigoon) http://www.jhantigoon.com/



Electrogeneration news, dates, info & contact, you can find in the future also on my personal My Space profile  http://www.myspace.com/cybergoth



Voor de mensen die het interview willen beluisteren, dat ik had met Dirk Dadavo ( Neon Judgement/Neon Electronics), volg deze link   http://electrogeneration.4t.com/interview.mp3

For the people who want to listen to the interview i had with Dirk Dadavo ( The Neon Judgement /Neon Electronics ), you can listen it here http://electrogeneration.4t.com/interview.mp3 ( the interview is in dutch language).

I have made a interview with Kooper Kain, you can read it here : http://electrogeneration.4t.com/custom3.html  or click the link ( upside this page) to the interviewpage




Electrogeneration is there for you

If you want us to promote your band, project or label, your free to send us your demo('s),promostuf/cd's to the adress that you can find on the contactpage, don't forget your name & adress to mention on every post, so we can answer back.You can contact us by e-mail ( follow the contactlink here under) , if you want us to play dj on your event.